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Paragon Services, Paragon Security Services and American Integrated Security use an integrated approach to your security solutions.  Our team integrates cutting edge technology along with an exclusive blend of data base information and trained security professionals to fulfill your security and investigative needs. We combine these sources with our invaluable professional and street experience. An integrated approach of private investigations, alarm and CCTV camera technology and standing or patrol security professionals will provide you with the security you deserve.  Let us put our expertise on your side with one free phone call. There is never an obligation; we really are here to help you with your security needs.

We offer:
     Cutting Edge Technology
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     Our Guarantee

We guarantee the best results with a superior product. Whether you require discreet investigation, uniformed patrol or guard services, or technology based low voltage installations, our clients are always happily surprised at the detail and professionalism we provide.  Call for a security review or to discuss your specific needs.